We help Individuals and organizations think and work faster and more efficiently with our web and digital premium services

Charis Intelligence is an artificial intelligence and digital technological innovative focused company

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What We do

Digital Marketing

Facebook and Instagram has more than 1.5 billion people users on their platforms. We use it for our clients’ advantage as we help clients target their customers based on behaviors, interest and specific locations to help increase their brand awareness or sales revenue .

Web Design & Development

We create world class websites for our Respective clients. We ensure it works on all platforms. We help organizations to design or redesign their websites. We have several packages suited for our clients

Artificial Intelligence Solutions

We impute cognitive actions into machines which enable them take actions to achieve a goal. Examples are our Customized Integrated facebook chatbot which acts as a real customer care representative on facebook and Customized Integrated Chatbot for websites which acts as a real customer care representative on the website.

Business/Organization Solutions

E-commerce Solution

Own your store on the internet and sell your products (shoes,bags, clothes, rugs, etc) on your website as customers pay locally while you deliver your products to them. Options such as delivery fees can even be collected with many customizable features.

Social Network Solution

Experience the power of a social network or online community and bring people together to chat and see what is going on in the physical community. This solution can be used in churches or organizations with lots of people for networking purposes.

Marketplace Solution

Own the market while you allow vendors market their products on their shop in your online market as they pay you commission for sales of their product just like jumia and konga. A marketplace solution like ours is a place where sellers meet buyers and pay you commission in percentage or a fixed price on sold goods.

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