After Election Promo Terms and condition

  1. To enter as a participant, you must buy your domain and hosting
  2. you must be a registered business in Nigeria
  3. you must be on social media such as facebook
  4. you must buy your domain and host your website on
  5. This promo is a one page web development promo, stictly for business and not for individuals.
  6. The promo consist of development only and would not provide logo or content for the website.
  7. Each winner would have to produce their content and pictures.
  8. The promo can be ended at anytime before or even extended after the advertised date.
  9. No registration fee is required for application.
  10. No affiliate of Charis Group is eligible for this promotion.
  11. Application ends March 31st 2019.
  12. Winners would be announced on April 6th 2019.
  13. websites shall be deployed after 1 month from the announcement of result. The company reserves the right to deploy the development of the website at her own interval peradventure circumstances do not allow her deploy it at the set time.